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Web Design Trends 2020

We live in times when everything is constantly changing. And web design trends are no exception. Today, it seems people are limited only to their imagination since the technical capacities are impressive and almost endless. Modern designers are not afraid to experiment, combine different styles, and impress the users. Even though some "classic" styles continue to keep their positions and are not going to disappear right away, the latest trends create real wow-effect. So, what web design trends 2020 look like?

Design that reflects the personality

They say that we are all unique thanks to our imperfections. Thus, designers have decided to bring more humanity into websites to evoke positive emotions. Indeed, we all need an additional portion of positivity this year, and I need someone who will do my statistics homework for me to stay positive either. A hand-drawn icon or an illustration has better chances to show off the brand’s soul. And even though this trend will not be suitable for everyone, it has found its fans and brought a lot of benefits.

3D elements

3D visuals have been appreciated by people for a long time already. And it is proven that the presence of 3D elements on the website makes users stay longer. It shows the quality of a product and makes it look real, so many brands use it while presenting their products from different sides. 3D web designs blur the line between the offline and digital worlds.

Shadows and floating elements

You may have heard many times that a product lacks depth, and it is when this trend comes to the rescue. It is when you create a prototype of 3D using soft shadows and floating details. Besides, you don’t need to limit yourself just to graphics since you can apply this effect while working with text, icons, and pics as well. Thus, if you get an essay order, you can make it stand out even with its look. It is when the rule ‘less is more’ is extremely relevant.

Bold typography

The minimalist trend is still relevant and pretty popular, but modern designers have decided to make it look fresher by adding maxi typography to it. Thus, bold fonts of transparent or monochromatic colors with an outline are among the most wanted trends nowadays. It is no secret that modern websites aim at good UX, and large typography copes with this task perfectly fine. When you don’t want to do something, you can ask a friend, “Can you do my homework?” And if you don’t want to remain unheard, you write in bold type.

Mixing photography with graphics

There is one simple way to make a user remember your visual – just combine interesting graphics with real photos. You overlap the graphics on top, creating a bit wild effect. It helps add some cuteness to some “faceless” pics or, on the contrary, it can be used to reflect a complex or abstract idea, for example, medicine. You can customize your product and reflect your inner state by applying this web design trend.

Dark mode

Black is always in vogue. And a dark mode is one of the most appreciated web design trends. It dominated last year, and it seems that it isn’t going to slip backwards in 2020. You can run into it elsewhere, and even your iPhone can boast of it after the latest release of iOS. Talking about the phone, one can say that dark mode has numerous practical benefits, for example, it positively affects the gadget’s battery life and provides energy efficiency. And it improves the visual effect of other accent shades, creating a stylish and dynamic design.

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