Web Development with PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax and CSS plus SEO

No website can live without content. No content will be "new" for more than a few hours. This means that a site has to be dinamic, has to change.

This is where PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax and CSS come into play. Any website has to provide a means for fast and easy updating, from any location.

Users should be able to interact with the website, making the visit a lot more agreeable.

When you visit a forum, an online shop, an image gallery, etc., you should know that the web development of the respective site was made with you, the final user, in mind. If you like the options you have, then it means it was a success. If not, well...

As always, when a website is done right, little or no additions or corrections have to be made later on the road, except for adding entirely new features.

Any type of website, from a portfolio to a forum or social website can be developed using as a base the HLS Content Management System that I developed (hlsCMS).

The goal is to provide websites with just enough functions to have a stable starting point that is further extended, without restricting the development in any way. This allows faster development of any type of website while being secure and private.

Related to developemnt is the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO means appearing in the top of search engine results for a series of keyworkds combinations.

While there are companies that work only in this aspect of websites, once the website is finished, I believe that a good SEO should start from the website development, and not at the en. Any SEO that would be done afterwards will surely drop in efficiency in a matter of days while search engines determine that your website doesn't provide everything it's advertised to provide, in which case you wasted your money. It's up to you to decide.