Web Design & Redesign

Right after having a grasp on the website concept, it's the designer's goal to reflect it with a custom design.

The goal of the design is to guide the user through the use of all the functions the website will provide.

It is very important to understand that any design should be a guide of the website, and not the main aspect that attracts users.

Design implies the organisation of information in an easy-to-follow flow, text formatting, and much more, not just some design elements that "look nice".

I don't believe in design that over-shines the content. The purpose of the design is to make the information easily accessible to the user, not make him stare at the beautiful colors and animations.

There are three cases why you would require my help with design.
If you don't have a design: I, or one of my designers, will create a design for your website, with focus on the concept
You have a design that you don't like: back to the first case, maybe having a better starting point.
You have a design that you like, but no programming (because you couldn't find a developer, or a good one): I'm your man!