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\"Sorry, I bet most of you had that awkward phone call where you answer your phone after a careful look at the number that's calling, because you don't seem to have it in the agenda and the conversation ends with the phrase "You: Wrong number! Him/her: Sorry...".

Well, the call I received 5 minutes ago was nothing like that :)

Since I've become accustomed to new phone numbers calling (clients) at all hours of the day, and because I was taking a short nap, I quickly picked up the phone to make sure I'm not keeping the client waiting, and said "Hello! Yes?".
At this point, the person usually asks if I am Andrei, and gives a very short hint from where he heard of me or got my number (website, clients, etc.). Well, this totally was not like that.

The person asked something like he was afraid I might answer, but as I was unable to understand a single word he said, even when I politely asked to repeat what he said, in Romanian, I thought he was speaking a foreign language so I asked the same thing in English. At this point the conversation got interesting.

He demanded, in Romanian, that I leave " Her " alone. You might agree with me when I say that the first thing I thought about was that someone didn't want me to see my current girlfriend (we've been together for 2 years) ever again, and I was so stunned that I could only ask "What?".
After that it became a bit more clear, even if not less interesting.
The guy told me to leave his friend alone, the friend beeing girl, and that she is from BacALu (and consequently him too).

You might not know this but as I live in Arad, the distance to BacALu is 575 km, about 8 hour drive, with low traffic.

I actually never went to that city, and I don't see a reason to, at the moment :)

Anyway, you are probably thinking "So what?". Right. So did I, and I tried explaining to the guy that he had a wrong number.

Now, I had a couple of dealings with people who are absolutely convinced that they have the right number, or won't give you a second to respond, but this guy was so... interested in letting out all his feelings of paint related to me and that his girl - friend (not girlfriend) had something to do with me, that when I told him he had the wrong number, he said "No, I'm sure I have the right one. I couldn't possibly be talking to anybody else but you". Well, at this point I tried to open my mouth and ask him my name, to make sure that the "you" he wanted to speak with was indeed "me", but nooo, he kept on going, emphasizing the fact that she is his girl-friend and that I should leave her alone. I am sorry if I misunderstood the next part: given the tone of his voice it sounded like he felt it was a pity that she was his girlfriend, referring to her as his girl-friend, or maybe it was only the fact that he wanted to sound more macho and used possessive adjectives.

I could go on about his convictions ( in his ability to defend his "property" ) about all that he said, but I won't waste more of your time.

Suffice to say that I wished him a good night and Happy Holidays, and hang up.

And if the person truly responsible for his pain is reading this, please make sure to tell him that he should check the number before calling. Next time I might ask him " dude, where's my car? ", figuratively speaking of course.

P.S. Happy Holidays everybody. Hope you have a more... interesting event in your life.