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I can't believe that there still are web hosting companies out there that treat their clients as suckers.

I had to cancel a hosting plan (which should expire in a couple of days) and move the domain to another host ( RighCommunication ) for a client, which I must admit isn't so tech savvy.

Nevertheless, I contacted the web hosting company and requested that the account be deleted, as the client wouldn't pay for 2 hosting plans (who would) especially if the old one blows. I also expressly asked for the EPP code in order to change the registrar of the domain name.

From the "Support" Department I was redirected to the "Billing" Department. These guys offered to fix any problems that might have arisen in order to not loose the client. As the client denied, I asked them to continue with the cancelation and transfer of the domain.

The hosting company didn't argue too much about the hosting plan. They only asked if I (by this I mean the client) can provide them with the problems that made the client cancel his account. I explained all the problems that the client encountered and again asked for them to make sure they provide me with the EPP code for the domain transfer.

The hosting account was deleted and I received a message telling me this, and that the client was welcomed to use them as the domain registrar even if they didn't hold the hosting plan. This is after asking for the EPP code for a domain transfer, twice. I explained that I REALLY want to move the domain.

I explained again what I want to do, and they replied with the same message: you are free to maintain us a your registrar (even if the price of the domain was doubled).

This happened 1 more time, until now. The issue is still not resolved yet, and I just got a message telling me that the support ticket was closed due to inactivity (12h have passed since I wrote the message, and since they did not respond, the issue is close). Can you believe that?

I am looking forward to the finality of this endeavor. If anything else arises, I'll make sure to post.

People! Ask these questions about your host and registrar before joining. You'll just end up frustrated (or frustrate someone else) and possibly at a money loss.