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Trip to Cluj, Sept. 2008
Sunday, 28 September 2008

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In September, 2008 I've decided, after countless invitations, to climb up in my car and drive on to see my relatives in Cluj.
The road was quite nice, as I didn't encounter to many of our more "bohemian" road holes. Except for the occasional phone call, everything went quite smooth.

Ok, enough of an introduction, let' get to the point.

A trip in Apuseni Mountains was a welcomed detour from my originally dull program. Thanks to my uncle of course.

I don't know how many of you ever visited this region. If you haven't and can, please try. You won't regret.

Anyway, after a beautiful day spent gazing upon the splendor of the region, I was bound to see the decadence of the human being.

I am sorry, but that's part of the reality in which we all live.

Below you will find a series of images taken between BeliAY dam and TarniALa dam. Fortunately it didn't rain that day (as the weather guy said), so the pictures turned out quite nice.


The pictures are not under copyright , but it would be nice if you would ask for my permission before using them somewhere else. Thanks .

Finally, I would like to thank my uncle, aunt and cousin for providing this perfect relaxation. I know I am not the easiest-to-please guy, so I really appreciate it.
Thank you Ioan, SteluALa & IonuAL P.