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After 5 years of study, stress & fun, many beers and a couple of hangovers, I am due to take the final exam an receive my Diploma at the end of June 2009.
There will be another IT Engineer on the face of the Earth.

As you know, I attended "Politehnica" University of Timișoara, Romania, at the Automatics & Computer Science, since 2004. The next year, the Bologna system was instated and all students had their faculty years reduced by 1. A shame if you ask me.

People often ask me, "what will you do, as there are 2 generations coming out this year?". I will do what I can, but under no circumstances will I jump in a job I am not suited for or like.
Indeed, I am now (yeah, I know, NOW) searching for a job, but one that has promise, not one that I'm into just so I have a job.

The monetary crisis in the world came in the worst possible moment, as there are considerably fewer jobs available in my field of interest. Don't get me wrong, there are jobs, but 2 years ago there were so many that you literally had to spend days filtering them. And still some people chose to work for the same big company as they do now even if they don't like what they do... I will never understand them.

Another thing that I quite recently discovered is that I am not one of those people that submit their resume to a great deal of companies and spend months waiting and going from interview to interview. I just don't see the reason. You wouldn't have to do this if you picked the right job for you and you had any chance of actually making the cut. Well, at least I am not one of those just yet. Will have to see.

To all my friends, may you all find the job of your dreams, or at least the beginning of one :)