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Hi there! My name is Andrei - Nicolae Nemeti, but you can call me Andrei.
I graduated "Politehnica" University of Timisoara in 2009 with a bachelor's degreen in Computer Engineering.

I like fast cars, smart women, loud music, non-green electronics (greens are ugly and usually don't match the rest of the furniture) and sitting around especially in a comfortable office chair.
I don't however like rainy and cold days, too much sugar or the pidgeons that always mate on my window sill and leave... "stuff" allover the place, including pedestrians walking past my appartment building and cars parked nearby, including mine.

I do have a Facebook profile which I use frequently, and a Twitter account that I almost never use, but somehow I always get new followers. Weird world we live in.

I develop websites, and other stuff that I do only to see if I can, and dabble a bit with web design. Also, I'm constantly "assaulted" by IT support questions, esspecially those made over the phone, when the person on the other side doesn't really speak "computer".

If you are here because you'd like a website developed, then please check my services page where you'll find everything you need. It basically boils down to:

  • web development,
  • design,
  • seo and
  • consultancy.

If you're not sure yet, check out my portfolio

If you would like to see what I've been up to lately, check out my blog and facebook page .

Also, you might find something interesting inside my articles .

If you have any questions, want to tell me something or just want to say "Hi!", either contact me here or on Facebook. Any will do.

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