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Switch back to other, older, Yahoo! Mail version

A few weeks ago I received the message to try the all new Yahoo! Mail beta ( also known as 7).

As I always like to try new and exciting things I did. It wasn't long before I found that it really is still beta. Has a lot of bugs and loads slow, even if my Internet connection is up to 100mbps, generally around 50mbps.

I then decided to switch to the previous Yahoo! Mail but to my surprise, the button was not where I expected it to be. I mean, when you change something about a program, don't you click on "Options" or "Settings"?

So, if you want to change back Yahoo! Mail beta a.k.a. 7, click on "Help->Retrun to Original Mail". It will switch you back to your old style mail, whatever that may be.

If you are trying to switch to the "classic" version from Yahoo! Mail 6, click on "Options" (yeah, I know, it makes sense) and then click "Mail Classic...". You can see a printscreen at Yahoo! Help

Hope this helps you. I'm happy to have my old mail back.